Stations of the Cross

Well, I’ve finally started a new quilting project. I will be making stations of the cross in quilts. There will be 13-15 quilts in the final view. Each quilt will be at least 36″ and be accompanied with scripture and prayer on posts. The quilts are meant to be set up in a labyrinth form. Some of the quilts will have interactive parts. I have my sample drawings and the scripture collected. I will be writing the prayers as I work through this project. I finished cutting out the first station today. Tomorrow, I will use free motion stitching to attach all the tiny pieces before quilting.

Tomorrow, I will be taking 10 art quilts down th the Presbyterian Church . They are having their annual heritage quilt show Saturday and have invited me to display my art quilts, so people can see another aspect of quilting.


Mini Projects

I have not been able to work out the bugs in my latest quilting project so I am working on a series of small quilts based on my daughter’s drawings of Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking-glass. Here are the first two and some detail shots. Queen of Hearts

Pack of Cards