With One Voice

This is my 12 X 12 block for the Breaking Arts Traditions. The money raised goes to fight cancer. This block represents the people who raise the standards of living in other countries by providing water. Did you know that just $1 can provide an African with water for a year. Boy! That’s something to think about. Here are links to of these groups: Bood:WaterMissions at http://www.bloodwatermission.com and Lifewater International at http://lifewater.org

Words on quilt: “With one voice ideas trickle…. with one goal commitment streams…. to one community hope flows…. with one voice rejoicing surges.”


Stations of the Cross

I am still working on several quilting projects, as well as homeschooling my daughter. I decided I was not happy with the start of the garden scene. I bleached the pathway and used dye and paint to darken the background. (Next time I do this before I start quilting.) The betrayal is drawn and painted on linen. I will add 30 coins images next before quilting.

The cross background is woven with strips of cloth.
Some are printed with parts of Isaiah 57. The cross
itself is made of used dryer sheets that I have painted
on with acrylic fabric paint.

Close up of weaving.