Christmas Tree Skirt

Here are some of my pictures from the Christmas tree skirt I made this weekend.  This was a quilting project from our quilt guild”


Beach Quilt

I am still working on the beach quilt challenge.  I thought I just had 2 people left to make, but my daughter decided the space needed filled in more and so I have 11 to make.   Here is a picture of the entire quilt so far.  The white slips are where more people will be added.  Click here to see the gallery of close-ups of people.

Rust Dyeing Results

After my fabric set for a week I unwrapped the poles and removed my fabric.  I wanted a little more color so I pole wrapped it and set it in tea for about 10 minutes.  The tea gave it a lovely grey shade to the white areas.  I’m guessing that was because of the vinegar.   I washed the fabric in a mild detergent dried and pressed.  Here are the results.

Rust Dyeing

Well, I keep saying I need some rusty things to dye with.  Well the high winds today gave me my wish.  It shredded our screen tent, but I was able to salvage the rusty tent poles.  I got my PFD fabric and soaked it in vinegar.  Then I wrapped it around the poles, put a few other small rusty objects in the layers and scrunched it down.  I love dyeing with a scrunch wrap, so I hope this works.  I put it all in a plastic back and poured on some more vinegar and tied it up.  I think I’ll let it sit all week. I really hope this works.

Beach Challenge

I have made some of the children for the beach challenge.  A lot of the clothes are made of the challenge fabric.  The fabric was fused to wool felt and stitched with invisible thread with freemotion zigzag.  I am slowly adding thread stitching got hair.  Hre are some samples of what the challenge looks like now.  My favorite item is the volleyball net.