What am I doing?

I have been working hard, but seem to have little to show for it.  I have been making quilted journals and giving them away to friends.  I am also continuing to work on my stations of the cross series.  My main endeavor is working toward having everything ready to be juried by KY Crafted next month.  Wish me luck.

I am also trying to organize a portfolio of my work so I can start finding a venue for sales.  I did get my business license and tax id.  Now what?

Horses — With the equestrian games coming I am trying to work on some horse ideas.  I have one designed, but it is very complicated and slow work.

“To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” Anatole France

Last evening instead of repainting horns made by the children in our co-op, I ended up having to remake them.  (mold – yuck) One of my friends is in charge of a play and the horns are for the march around Jericho.  So instead of quilting, I spent the evening on the porch covered in paper mache.

It was a beautiful spring evening in the company of my daughter and serenaded by twitterpated birds.


One thought on “What am I doing?

  1. Thanks, Delores, for your comment on my blog and the quotation. It IS inspirational for those times when one seems to be spinning one’s wheels and feeling either guilty about it or depressed by it.

    I was interested to see that you do liturgical and religious work. If you search on my blog for “Angel of the Rock” and “Rebirth” you will see some of the pieces I’ve made for my church. I’ve made other quilts with a religious theme for my personal use, but every now and then, you’ve got to share, right?

    The Idaho Beauty


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