Flynn Quilting Frame

Here are some pictures of the set up I used to quilt my triple Irish chain.  I had to pull my table out to have room for the longer rods.  On the right side it worked great because the frame could rest on my cutting and work table.  When the frame went to the left side however it was a bit trickier because I didn’t have anything to balance it on and it gets heavy.  I finally stacked some books and a box on my storage cubicles.  This was not perfect, but worked in a pinch.

I think I will stick to smaller quilts because towards the end I had to adjust the frame at the end of each row.  Earlier I was able to quilt three one  inch rows.  When the quilt was pushed all the way to the right side, I put the machine in reverse and went back the other way.  Over all I was please with the quilting and it was pretty easy.

If I was doing a quilt this large with other that straight lines it would not have worked.  Over all I like the Flynn frame best for quilts up to 48″.