Fabric Painting

I ordered fabric to make a bag the other day.  Unfortunately I didn’t read the fine print on one of the fabrics, which said fabric may not be what is pictured.  It was the focus fabric for my bag.  I looked everywhere and could not find it, so I tried a painting experiment.  I painted fabric the colors I needed and then places ferns and ginkgo leaves on the wet paint and sprinkles with salt.  Then it sat out in the sunlight until dry.  The results were alright, but the leaves were a little hard to see.  I used prisma color pencils to darken around the leaves and for details.  I also used fabric ink to draw and stamp over the cloth.  Here is the result.

close ups:


Rust Dyes – June

I left my rusty materials from last year set out and rust some more over the winter.  In June I soaked scraps of fabric in white vinegar and water. Then I wrapped them around the different objects.  Some I let set all day and others only an hour.  I did not wrap them in plastic this time.  The gray or blackish ones were then dyed in tea. Here are the pictures of the fronts and backs