New Stuff

I took my material out of the walnut dye and the blackeyed susan dyes today.  Hopefully the color will still look as dark after they are washed and dried.

Sold a custom order messenger bag today.  I completed a journal cover for a 6yr old who loves to write and made my first padded laptop cover.

What I need to work on is getting my purchases logged in on my spreadsheet. (ugh!)

Purchased a dye-na-flow exciter pack earlier this month.  I called Dick Blick’s today since one of the interior caps was missing.  Thought maybe they’d just send an extra cap – they are sending a whole new set and i get to keep the old one. Wow! that was totally unexpected.


Walnut Dyeing – better results

I have redyed my walnut cloth results.  The green was just ugly.  A special thanks to Joanne Harper. She suggested using an iron pot.  I had an old rusty one that I keep my rust dyeing objects in.  I poured the cold walnut dye, husks and all in to the iron pot.  Then I put my pole wrapped piece in.  I was planning on leaving it several days but I had to look this afternoon and it was all ready a lovely chocolate color.

I gathered up different fabrics -beige  linen shirt, white cotton, and folded them for a bath.

I removed the pole wrap and put the new fabric in.  Instantly they began to turn various shades of brown.  The fleece (or batting?) fabric became a very rich black.  But alas it will not work.  i pulled the other batting piece out from Thursday and photographed it.  Then I squeezed the water out and it was just a very light gray.

 Pictures of fabric dyed in walnut dye before and after being rinsed.  Fabric one was the ugly green over dyed, still using the pole wrap.

Fabric two was unbleached muslin – pole wrapped, before and after rinsing.

Black-eyed Susan & Magnolia Pod dye

Yesterday while the walnut dye was boiling I collected the dead centers of the Black-eyed Susans from my garden.  (I left the purple-cone flowers since the gold finch have been feasting on these)  Today I boiled them along with some dried magnolia pods.   Warmed up black-eyed susans smell absolutely wonderful,  sort of like a strong sweet chamomile tea.

I left the flower heads, loose seeds and magnolia pods in the dye when pouring it over the cloth to be dyed.  Like I mentioned before. I like the look of the added texture. Some of the cloth I pole wrapped, one I twisted copper around as a mordant, some I tied in knots, and one I lay pods and flower heads on and rolled these up inside the cloth and then placed in jars.  I will let these sit in the sun a couple of weeks.

Dyeing with Black Walnut

Walnut dye

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go ahead and dye with the black walnuts.  I just smashed the hull with a hammer and added the whole thing, nut and all to the dye pot.  I let this boil for two hours.  Then soaked the cloth overnight in the dye bath.  I noticed a nice yellow color when I cracked the green hulls so while the other pot was boiling I soaked the green hulls only in some cool water.  It had a nice golden shade.  I put some pieces of fabric in this pot also and let sit overnight.  In the morning this second batch was brown (there went my theory about the heat making them turn brown)  Anyway my cotton fabric turned an army green and after washing and drying was a greenish light brown.

 cloth with knots and rubberbands       cloth folded and pole wraped

                                      cheesecloth                      batting

I wrapped another piece of cloth on a pole squished it up and put it in the leftover dye bath. I will let this sit a couple weeks and see if it turns a nicer brown shade with age.

Last cloth in cold dye wrapped around copper
(will let sit for a few weeks)

                  1st two fabrics ready to be overdyed with a different plant dye.

Dyeing with Fungi day 2

I checked out the jar experiments this morning, not much difference from yesterday.  Was greatly disappointed in lack of cloth color.  I took the cooked down fungi from yesterday and placed some in each jar, resealed them and shook them up.  I’m not interested in a smooth overall color  – I like texture.  Now I will just let them sit for a month and see what happens. 

not much happening here
Fungus 2 added to jars.

Fungus 1 felt like soft cork (really gross looking)