sketchbook project

I was part of the Brooklyn, NY sketchbook project.  My book was on the theme of Below the Surface.  I will post a page from it each day until it is all posted.  Here is the front of my book and the side.  It was almost 3 inches thick but only 22 pages.

This is a picture on me stitching the pages together on my sewing maxhine.

 My book standing up.  It is all done in cloth and mixed media.

The inside front where my book cove is attached.

Page 1


2 thoughts on “sketchbook project

  1. I am experimenting with fabric books also. I did one with the pages done like yours and it got too thick. I will do the next one with loose pages and then use grommets to bind it together. Yours looks really good. These are very time consuming.


  2. Looks great..thanks for sharing. I would like to make something similar using family photos on fabric and mixed media. Fabric scrapbook I guess. Judy's idea of using grommets is a big help too.


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