2011 Rainbow Scrap Challenge

While sifting through the avalanche of fabric scraps on my table and floor, I gathered up lots of blue for January’s  Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Here is a picture of my blue moon rose.

This 8.5″ by  11” piece is made with fusible web on a piece of light blue fabric.  I drew the rose on the fusible. The background scraps were put down first with edges cut to lie just under the rose.  Raw edges were folded under or tucked under the next piece and then tacked with my mini iron.  Next I made the rose from the center out, the same way and fused all.  I used a satin stitch to outline all the rose petals. Next the batting and background were added.  I put a scrap piece of blue tulle over the entire piece. It was a last minute thought and just fit with a bit of tugging.  I basted the edges and outlined the rose with invisible thread.  The quilting was free motion leaves in multicolored thread. Thread was mostly blue with analogous  colors purple and green.

Side note- I have a Blue Moon rose and they are more purple than blue.  Here is a picture of one from my garden.



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