Duck Tape Manikin and New Dress

My duck tape manikin has worked out great.  The only hit was the top of the mic stand is bendable.  I asked my husband to make a new stand.  He just pulled the torso of the stand, adjusted the height and removed the bendable part.  Who knew?  Now it is just right. Well, I really should tape up the lower arms to hid the hideous T- shirt from a very old dye mishap.

 I thought the dress looked a little plain  after adding a zipper so I put an insert of a batik in the front, then i thought about a belt.  Not to sure, what do you think?

 I had a second idea, I would use the batik for the godets that have not yet been added. I barely had enough fabric to make all seven and then accidentally cut a chunk from both ends of the front panel.  Thank goodness for 5/8″ seems.  It worked.

 Will have to finish another day, am out of interfacing.  Will line the bodice, add cap sleeves and finish all the edges.  Does it still need a belt or sash?


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