Zentangled Cane

Okay – so if you have to have one it ought to make a statement! Especially for an artist.
Here is my zentangled cane.


My shoes aren’t quite so boring now!

Having way to much to do this morning, and not knowing whether to start with my studio and clean so I could get my sewing done, or scrub the fish tanks, I started a new project  Here are some pictures of my zentangle tennis shoes.

 right shoe

 Left shoe
Now, I’m scrapping down my cane again.  I might do zentangles on it too!

Look what I found

Well after finding the crocus Monday, a tornado Tuesday, today I decided to scrap off some of my leaf mulch in case something else was starting to grow.  I found two anemic yet hearty hyacinths under about 5 inches of wet leaves.  I think with a little sunlight they should green up and bloom nicely.