Wedding Wallhanging

I finished my son’s wedding quilt Sunday with a wedding message and quilt info label on the back. Yeah! just in time to drop it off at my parent’s house before the drive to Florida.

This little quilt was a lot of work for me.  First I was trying to use each one’s favorite color, red and teal.  Found some red scraps with teal batik.  I used this as a starter fabric after many other tries and pulled colors from it.

The other problem was just me.  One of the side effects of my medicine is dropping off to sleep while doing ordinary things such as talking.  This effect can take up to a year to start.  I’ve been on it a year with great results until now.  It’s very dangerous dropping off to sleep while using a sewing machine not mention all the frog chorus afterward. (Rip it, Rip it)

I started with piecing the quilt and then used raw edge and needle turn applique.  The lettering under the house was done with the feeddogs dropped and a zigzag stitch.

The Distelfink bird was the good luck and happiness bird of the early Pennsylvania German settlers. Overall, the design symbolized “good luck and happiness” for all. I used my own stylized version as this is where my heritage starts.

Next I used Shiva paint sticks for the first time.  I put leaves the tree and stones for the walk.  I cut a stencil out of paper and laid it on the quilt to protect the rest of the fabric.  I could see these being a very fun and useful addition to my art.  The leaves didn’t show up quite as much as I would have liked. Great fortune!I amidst the small scraps people gave me at quilt guild were two 2 by 3 inch floral scraps with leaves I hadn’t noticed. Just a perfect size.


Finished with lots and lots of quilting, a bit of hand stitching, beads and buttons. and finally  mitered binding and tabs.  Hope they like it!


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