Wild Week -UFo’s and WIP’s

It’s been a wild week with lots of projects and doctors’ appointments and Easter Programs.  Last night we had a wonderful sedar meal with lots of lamb and horseradish.  Tonight will be our Good Friday service.

 Thank you cards to mount on card stock, postage to add to envelopes to send my son tomorrow.  Card drawn by my daughter.

On to this weeks works:   A rust dyed journal cover to hand stitch while waiting in doctors offices

Pieced some  new book marks.  Still have lots of embellishment and stitches to add.

Bo Pee’s lambs gone astray is coming along.

And of course garden work, or rather photographing it lots of wild weather and windfall.  Terrific green lichen for dye, lots and lots of old branches covered in it. Yeah!

 Linden and honey suckle starting to bloom. They smell so sweet and delightful.
And our last batch of caterpillars overwintered and hatched this week

One top of all this fabric dyeing and slowly working on uninstalling all the malware on my computer.  Found a great sight that helps you for free, one on one also, lots of down loading, scans and uploading logs, but my computer is running much better.  Yeah!!!!


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