Long Day

It’s been a long day. More MRI’s at 6:45, then quilt guild at 10:00. Got the center mariners compass quilted on my son’s star quilt. Just didn’t want to get started, but was not too bad once I came up with a plan. (I really need a mid arm or along arm quilting machine.)
Here are a few hand dyes hanging out to dry.

Everythings coming up roses!

Vegetable garden planted.  Iris on full bloom, but I’m excited over all the roses in the garden.

 The storms 2 weeks ago damaged my Stars and Stripes rose bush.  Two large branches were damaged.  I cut them off and was able to take cuttings from them.  Ten are still alive in my fishtank makeshift green house on the front porch.  Not sure if this will be the same rose from the cuttings or not.  Depends on if it was grafted and lots of other things.  I will just experiment and see.  If I don’t like the results I can always dig them up later on.

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