The Bead Lady’s Loose

I finally took my small mixed media piece that I liked and sewed it to a painted canvas and added more mixed media. You can’t tell a lot from the picture but the background is painted silver and zentangles with a gray marker. The entire piece except the canvas was made from scraps, leftovers and found objects.

Not sure if I got too carried away. While I was working, my daughter was drawing up funny fashion designs and adding funny signs. My favorite was the shoe in solitary confinement and the wanted poster.

Well, here’s a look! Constructive criticism welcome.


Compost dyeing Results.

Does anyone remember my composting experiment in April. If not here is a picture of the fabric wrap ready for the ground.

I finally decided to dig it up today. First I had a hard time finding it. I knew where it was buried. Finally i sorted though the dirt with my hands and found this…

there was hardly any fabric left.

So i gathered my results and washed them and set them on a per towel to dry.

Any ideas on how to make a quilt out of this? Maybe something on deconstruction.


I am finally back on line. My first laptop and new operating system have taken time to learn. Still need to find a MAC program to replace my paint shop pro.

Been working on many projects. Am trying my first kaleidoscope, here are the 1st pictures of it getting started on my design wall.