Last post of ornaments

Here are just a few more. David made the choir -which is my personal favorite.

This is just part of the aftermath! Now I must start cleaning up.


More ornaments -No two alike

So we still have plenty of ornaments. No two are alike.

Mine – a first home ornament with ladybug

Jessica and David – by Jessica

Our first home -Jessica

David’s Ribbon Ornament

More of David’s Ribbon Ornaments

David’s Reindeer

Jessica’s heart

David’s tree

Jessica’s shooting star

more Dye results – fire bush

More dye results. The fire bush leaves from a friend’s fire bush came out a beautiful shade of pink. the results from the leaves from my bush came out mush lighter. I used the same process for both, even had more leaves in my batch. Here are pictures of the results. Picture one shows results on a cotton shirt and cheese cloth. The second one shows the results on , cotton shirt, linen, and cheese cloth.