Blooming Patch Work

Friday, the Sassy Stitchers quilt guild worked on a blooming patchwork quilt. I decide to just use a monochromatic color scheme in browns. Here is a picture of the quilt top. I will still add a light color border and then I am thinking of prairie points for the outer border. The color variances and textures don’t show well in this picture.


Sewing Room make over

I am still painting and organizing my sewing room. While painting today, the mint color made me remember looking at my bedroom wall when I was 3 just before we moved and liking the color so much. At the time I didn’t know the name for it, but wanted my new room to be that color. (Yes it was mint green) I don’t remember any pictures, toys or furniture. I only remember the wall color, the number of stairs to the landing for jumping off, and the shinny grey paint Dad painted on the front porch. I couldn’t wait to walk on it. I remember getting on a tricycle and riding across the porch as soon as it was dry. The tricycle tipped as I turned and the petal made a hugh scratch in the new paint. Not knowing what else to do I shove the trike over the edge of the porch and ran inside to play. Anyway here are some pictures of what has gotten done. A picture frame fabric birds decoupaged to paint chips, my art supply shelf and clock, and the first pegboard repainted and reorganized. Well have to get back to sorting all my scraps and putting everything away.


I’ve been eco dyeing and and working on some pieces I call deconstruction. This mini piece is about 2.5″ X 8″. It is made from a failed eco dyeing project that decomposed into lots of small scraps. It uses scraps of burlap, jean scraps, thread leftovers and a piece of plastic packaging.

Studio makeover in progress

Decided to repaint and organize my sewing room. These are my new colors.

Dark French Chocolate, Mint Shake and Buttercup. I have a lot of clean up from December’s work and decided to just redo everything.

Trying to organize in a way that is easy to keep things organized. Thought the new colors would make everything nice and fresh. So i guess it is good bye to the kings. This oil painting was done years ago for my son. I love the sunrise, but the guys staring over my shoulder is sometimes creepy.