12 X 12 blocks

I’ve been busy with lots of things, but am still trying to make some 12 X 12  blocks each month, I make one duplicate for my quilt guild exchange each month.

These two patriotic stars are for a charity quilt.

For February I sewed these pieced heart blocks.  Each has 52 red or pink 1 1/2 ” squares.


Tangles on boxes

Cigar box makeover

 My daughter decide to draw monsters on the bottom of my box!

A new space and a little color added for great storage solution.

Studio Reorganization

I repainted and reorganized my pegboard for tools and added a second one for my thread.  I have not decided yet if I should draw outlines for tool positions like my last board.  It worked nice for a quick glance to let me know what I had not put away when done.   The thread board is covered with heavy vinyl to keep dust off the threads.  It is anchored on the shelf.  For easy access I slit the vinyl about every four inches.  I also took down shelves and moved them and removed all the old teddy bears.

Chair Makeover

My sewing chair was showing lots of wear … tears in the leather.  I gave it an upcycled makeover using selvage edges from my scrap box.   The strips were sewn onto scrap batting and then the two pieces were tucked into the chair band with a bit of hot glue.


Studio Makeover

I am just about finished with my sewing studio.  I still need to trim with paint along the edges  of the ceiling.  These first images are of just of the beginning of the painting.  And some simple fabric birds I added to an old frame.  


Two great finds today!!!!

Today I tried out a lot of vintage sewing machines. Some worked very well and others needed some work. I finally settled on a Singer 500a machine. It is a slant needle Machine and sews very well.

This machine will stay in my car so I can have a machine for on the go. The second machine is a Brother Festival 451. It is a great machine for straight sewing and zigzag. It is a machine that was built to last. This machine I am getting for my daughter-in -law. Here is a picture of this bright pink machine.