Envision, Explore, Evolve week 2

Busy, busy busy, but nothing seems to get done.

This week I have gotten a little done on my godess quilts inspired by Leah Day’s free-motion quilting project.
Quilt 1, the one drawn and colored with Seta color and Ink intense pencils has not been touched.  I am having trouble deciding on what color to use as an outline.
 I had been thinking dark brown and then someone suggested purple.  I also was thinking about matching the thread to the  colors on the quilt. This sure would involve a lot thread changes.  Any ideas?

Quilt 2 – The batik quilt has all been outline in white.  The words need to be finished and all the thread ends need to be buried.  Will do this while watching Downton Abby tonight.

Qui;t 3 – The black quilt has been free motion quilted in white.  The words Envision, Explore,  and Evolve have been quilted.
Not too bad for a first try.

I used Jacquard sapphire blue and emerald green on the world.  The only Lumier paint I had was called Hi Lite Blue.  I actually thought it was white when I used it, until i looked at the name.  Anyway the blue did not show like I wished it had, so I brushed some of the Lumier paint over it while it was still wet.  It blended great and showed very nicely.  I put the green on and then brushed the Hi Lite Blue on to it too.  The puffiness of the batting really shows now that the world has been painted.  I used high loft batting because that is what I had and my goal this year is to use what I have.  Hopefully, when I quilt over the paint it will take care of itself.

I realized that my words should have been quilted the other direction to flow more with the quilt.  a lesson learned for the other two quilts.  I am not about to try to unpick this.

Tips for the week : two important tips I used this week that helped me with the problems of trying to use my Pfaff for freemotion quilting.  First: I used a separate thread stand.  This kept the thread from getting caught and ended my needle breaking spree.  Second: I used an embroidery needle instead of a microtex sharp.  This stopped the shredding of the thread.  Yeah!


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