Snow Dyeing

I’m sitting here warming up with the last of the homemade soup.  I know it’s dark out, but I just came in from snow dyeing some fabric. All day I’ve been thinking about this while checking out blogs from the 2014 Grow Your Blog Party. (Check out my fabulous fifty  giveaway in the post below.)   Found some various white cotton and scoured it.  Prepared 3 colors of procion dye and headed out to my little dye/garden shack.  Could just see to set up and pack snow around the fabric.  Could not see what I was doing while squirting the dye.  Ran and got my camera and set it on night vision.  Then came in to see what it looks like.  Last time I did this in the laundry room and the snow melted fairly slow.  This time it will take much longer since the temperature will be the same as outside.  If I get impatient I will bring it inside in a day or two.


Grow Your Blog 2014

Hi! My name is Dolores! Welcome to my blog. I love gardening, photography and art.  Mainly, I am a quilt artist.  Most of my work is original pieces.  My daughter’s artwork has been featured in many of my quilts .  I do a lot of applique, free motion quilting and thread painting.  This is where I post about my artwork  and my process.  You can see  the  steps I go through to improve or learn new skills, or see a quilt come together I hope you enjoy browsing around my studio and my garden.  Be sure to follow me if you enjoy your visit.

Since today I am celebrating a half century of life filled with friends and blessings, I will be giving away a collection of 50 goodies to the lucky winner of this blog.
Nifty Fifty Giveaway

Nifty Fifty Giveaway

My daughter set the prize list to the 12 days of Christmas:

In honor of my birthday I’m giving you this day:
One bag of sequins
A bag of Chenille short cuts
Ten assorted beads
Hat pin and thimble
Three scrabble tiles
Fifteen bits of fabric
Two ribbon flowers
Five shiny shells
One tiny ruler
Four inchies
Five fun buttons
And a lovely homemade bookmark

To win just leave a comment and contact information.   I will be drawing from all comments left on this post  before February 14th and announcing the winner on the fifteenth.

50 prizes:: 1 – bag of garment quality sequins, 3 scrabble tiles, ten 4” batik fabric squares, 1 purple thimble, a package of June Tailor Chenille short cuts, 4 adorable inchies, 5 random buttons, 5 shiny shell beads, 1 tiny measuring ruler, 2  ribbon flowers, 5  pieces of fabric (size 10 inches to fat quarter size), 10 assorted beads, 1 -red hat pin and a red and black homemade bookmark.

Close -ups

:DSCN2263 DSCN2266 DSCN2267 DSCN2268

Have a wonderful time blogging! I hope to meet lots of new friends through this blog party.  Leave a comment and I’ll try to visit soon! :0)

Matryoshka Dolls

Dolores drawing

This is a picture of the Matryoshka Doll designed for my quilt.    The  rectangle below is the sashing  fabric for each block.

sashingI have a wide variety of fabrics and embellishments chosen for the  dolls. The dolls will range from 2 to 9 inches tall.


EQ 7 is back up and running great!

Matryoshka Layout

 I am very excited about finally getting my EQ7 up and running again.  I have not been able to open it for months.    Finally got my Apple to recognize and allow Parallel.  Didn’t have these problems until I updated to newer versions of everything.  This is my mock up for my Matryoshka doll quilt.    Now if I can just get my printer to take the fabric sheets without eating them, I’ll be able to print faces for my dolls.

It is going to be a great day!

Women of the Bible Quilt

Was thinking about my women of the bible quilt.   Here is a link that gives pictures of each quilt and poem . Women of Bible
I just found that there is a women of the bible quilt along starting now.  It is a women’s bible study and 52 week of quilt blocks.  It uses simple block patterns to represent each study.  They use the Women of the Bible devotional book by Ann Spangle and Jean Syswerda.  Here is a link to the yahoo  group
I have no connection, but thought it was worth passing on.


As usual I started out the new year with a new word and cleaning my sewing studio.  This years word is choice.  Last year’s was evolve.  I think I have improved some of my skills and am hoping to continue improving my drawing skills.  Choice is my word this year because there are so many — choose to find time for art, chose to keep things organized or not, choose to practice and hone new skills …   I chose to recover my chair while I was cleaning.  I really like it.   The main cleaning is done, but the small sorting goes on.

I have finally made the commitment to unstitch my goddess for my mother earth quilt.  Taking out tight stitches in 2 pieces of 1 inch foam stacked and fabric was tedious.  I love the new results and can now finish quilting the background and adding the beaded spiderweb.  Then for the trees and 3-D leaves.

I celebrated my 50th birthday early by having a half century celebration party.  The party was to thank all those who have made my life what it is.  The menu was lasagna, spaghetti, garlic bread and vegetable soup.  I also baked two chocolate cakes from scratch and made chocolate molded pretzels.  Family brought fruit and veggie trays.  We had a great time.   Guests were to entertain me.  Even my grandson stood on a bench and sang in front of everyone.  I wrote and sang my own old age song to the tune of My Favorite Things.  (Side note – the malox version going around the web was not written by or sung by Julie Andrews)