Snow Dyeing

I’m sitting here warming up with the last of the homemade soup.  I know it’s dark out, but I just came in from snow dyeing some fabric. All day I’ve been thinking about this while checking out blogs from the 2014 Grow Your Blog Party. (Check out my fabulous fifty  giveaway in the post below.)   Found some various white cotton and scoured it.  Prepared 3 colors of procion dye and headed out to my little dye/garden shack.  Could just see to set up and pack snow around the fabric.  Could not see what I was doing while squirting the dye.  Ran and got my camera and set it on night vision.  Then came in to see what it looks like.  Last time I did this in the laundry room and the snow melted fairly slow.  This time it will take much longer since the temperature will be the same as outside.  If I get impatient I will bring it inside in a day or two.


2 thoughts on “Snow Dyeing

  1. Hi Dolores!
    I’m here from GYB. Just trying to get around to a few each day. I love what I have seen on your blog as I scrolled through the past six or seven. How lucky you are to go to a thread painting class. I’m in the midst of a commissioned work right now and finishing up with some thread painting. I love quilting and all the variations available to us as quilters. I’m following you on Blog Lovin’ and I hope you will come visit me and follow if you like what you see.


  2. Hello- just stopping by belatedly for the GYB event. I looked at your gyb post but what really intrigued me was this post! I’ve never heard of using snow to dye fabric. How unique and fun! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day 🙂


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