Sewing Hexagons by Machine

Yes! I knew it could be done.   Last year I was doing a skill builder of the month and spent lots of time trying to hand sew hexagons. I just can’t seem to get it right.  The fact that I have sever injuries to both index fingers now, is part of the problem  No feeling in one from cutting the end of in a hight school accident.  And yes ladies rotary blades are dangerous.  Cut a chunk out of my right index this year and still have immense pain when touching things.

Okay now that I’ve probably grosses every one out. Here is where to find a terrific tutorial.  Sewing Hexies by Machine     I tried it out and my starting results are below.  Thanks Jacqueline from Tallgrass Prarie Studio for the tutorial.

Now my results aren’t perfect but thats because I was practicing on the hexagons I’d previously cut.  They had been fused to a stabilizer hexagon and glue basted.  I did not practice sewing individual hexagons to a row but started with sewing two rows together.  It’s easy peasy! Right of course right.  Look before you leap and of set the hexagons so you don’t end up with a three demential mess.   I goofed starting put was easy enough to redo.  This really is a simple way to do hexagons.  One of my favorite things is that this makes seams easy to press open.   Thanks Jacqueline from Tallgrass Prarie Studio for the tutorial.


5 thoughts on “Sewing Hexagons by Machine

  1. I have seen instructions before on machine piecing hexies, maybe even the same one you linked. But I never tried it. How did you like machine piecing them? I understand about the sliced fingertip. I sliced a piece off one of my fingers with a veggie slicer. The entire fingertip was numb for at least a year and even now, years later, there is a numb spot right where the scar is. I use a lot of power tools so I’m just glad I still have all my fingers so I can still stitch.


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