Snow Dyeing Results

Since we only had a little snow,  I did try to experiment with my dyeing.  The first piece was from a velvety jean fabric cut from a leg piece.   Th e second was a leftover large piece of fabric that was soaked in soda ash months before.  The last piece was a large white canvas bag.   My results were not as good as some of my previous results.   This experiment I left the fabric outside in my garden shed.  The sub zero temperatures seemed to dry out the cloth and the colors did not spread very well.  The fushia seemed to take over everything.  There are some pretty areas that I can use and I learned that it works better to bring it inside.  I just didn’t want the mess in my house.  Here are some pictures or you can check out better results from this previous post. My Favotie Piece ,  snow dye resultsmore results, silk scarf


2 thoughts on “Snow Dyeing Results

  1. Hi Dolores, I think this is a splendid result! I’ve never really done this kind of dyeing, only really a little batik work or tie dyeing, but I love the idea of snow dying. Also love the idea of extracting dyes from nature, and recently found a book on plants and plant based dyes, so am looking forward to some experimenting…especially with the lichen; that seems to produce fantastic greens and browns. Did you ever dye Easter eggs with onion skins? I did as a child in Prague and still love that. Hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s Day and are geared up for a fabulous weekend. 🙂


    • Yes, we have dyed Easter eggs with onion skins. We put leaves on the eggs and put them in old stockings (nylons) so they would have patterns on them. I’ve done some experimenting with plants. It is lots of fun. Have not dyed with lichen, yet.


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