60 Day Bird Challenge

I have joined in a 60 day bird challenge.  I am using various media to create my birds.  So far just pen and ink and fabric.  I have come up with two fabric ideas I really like.  The first Fowl Scraps are 6″ by 5″ blocks made from scraps around my sewing room.  They are whimsical and fun to make.  The second set are sketched on 5 by 6 canvas. Although these too are made of colorful scraps they take a long time to do as they are based on realistic bird sketches with lots of detail.    I hope at the end of this endeavor to improve my sketching skills, and have at least 25 of the fowl scrap birds and 12 realist whimsical birds.  I am not planning sewing every day as I have lots of trips coming up.

bird1df bird2df bird3df bird4df bird5df bird6df bird7df bird8f


5 thoughts on “60 Day Bird Challenge

  1. Hey, that’s fantastic! I’d love to do something like that. 😀 I bought a bunch of vintage scraps from the embroiderer’s guild in London and now want to make something using them. I was thinking birds too. Except I’m not much of a quilter or seamstress and don’t have a sewing machine here in England. It might all be a disaster…lol…but it should be fun. 😀


    • You could do some simple birds and use do the blanket stitch around the edges. I don’t do much had sewing do to injuries on both my index fingers but this stitch is simple and fast. I taught to my daughter at age four for sewing christmas ornaments. Have fun with your scraps!


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