Hummingbirds or Honey Bees

Too day I came home from church to find my back porch hummingbird feeder covered in honeybees.  They were all over the base and many had gotten trapped in the bottle.  I carefully unscrewed the base and set it down so I didn’t disturb the bees.  Then I tipped the bottle up right and the bees flew out.   They surrounded the empty feeder for at least an hour.   I did swat a yellow jacket that was aggravating the honey bees.  Thankfully the hummingbirds were happily feasting in the front yard from my second feeder.

DSCN3515 DSCN3519 DSCN3518


Thread painting

I’ve decided to do a lot of thread painting over my nuthatch from Hollis Chatelain’s class.  Just working on the head I’ve already used up a bobbin of invisible thread.  This piece is approximately 20 by 20 inches.  Here is a peek at the head, with 6 colors of thread added so far.


60 Day bird Challenge

So today I should have created bird 56 today, instead I made a wall hanging out of three thread painted birds.  First I added thread to the bluebird’s head to make it larger, then I redid the warbler’s eye to make it smaller.  I choose to put the birds in an attic block window.  Then I free motion quilted with sulky monofilament thread.  On the dark brown I used a darker brown thread and did pebbling.  It was really hard to see the stitches to tell where the stitches were already.  Finished all but the binding.  Then sketched a cardinal on fabric and picked out patterned fabrics for bird 56.

It is straighter than the picture, I was just aiming the camera by holding it up above the quilt.


Day 3 KHQS Adventures in quilting

I was exhausted when I got home yesterday and did not get around to posting.  What a wonderful workshop.  If you ever get a chance Hollis Chatelain’s classes are well worth your time and money. The big reveal on how the dyes look once they are washed and dried.  Everyone got to share their pieces again once they were rinsed and dried.  Quite a difference.  Fuchsia and yellow sure do not fade.  Every one had really beautiful work.  My tree faded a bit more than I expected.  This was my own fault for putting dye paste over some of it.   I am please with the results and have it pinned and ready to add quilting.  This is where it will get to really be enhanced.  I will post a before and after of the nuthatch.  I will save the girl to show once she is fully quilted.  Right now she is being marked up for quilting.  The nuthatch is pinned and ready to begin.

DSCN3428 copy

We did not get time to do any sewing.  We watched Hollis do demonstrations and show us how to mark the quilts to figure out our quilting lines.  This is where we needed tracing paper and prisma colored pencils.  We spent all our time after lunch giving Hollis a real workout.  We all wanted her attention to check out our stitch ideas.  She was extremely helpful.

She will give guidance and help, but you have to put in an effort first.  I know I learned a lot from my mistakes and her encouragement.  Now off to sew!

Day three begins…

4 am up and washed projects out.  This took about and hour and a half.  Now the other ladies in my group will blow them dry with hair driers.  I’m glad that is not me.  Washing them was hot enough work.  I think I will like mine.  I didn’t wash out the face because I want the dye to sit longer.

Hollis demonstrating:


Here are some pictures of everyone working:

DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0011 DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Day 2 KHQS Adventures in Quilting

Today was another wonderful day.  Good food and lots of hard work.  Hollis demonstrations and work is incredible.

DSC_0001DSC_0003 Me with Hollis Chatelain        Love the quilt rod running through our heads.

Stirring more print paste.

My second piece is a face.  I know it looks vibrant orange, but we were assure that when the dye is rinsed out the color should be just about right.  Must get up and rinse out our pieces many many times. It should take about an hour of work.

We looked at everyone’s pieces while wet today.  All the pieces were incredible, and I think everyone’s painting with dye skills improved.   Here’s a picture of my second piece.