KHQS Quilting Adventures 2014 Day 1

I am just finishing up my day one workshop with Hollis Chatelain.   Actually I did finish around 8:30 (central time) and then helped someone photoshop an image to see how it would look in vibrant wild colors.   We started last night by tracing our drawings onto PDF fabric that had been treated in soda ash.  We used very light color prisma colored pencils for this.  I was the only one still working  last evening.  Could not believe everyone went to bed by 8:00 CT or 9:00 EST.  Anyway I stayed up last night and got my machine out and worked on my 60 day bird challenge before turning in.


Today we learned about how to mix and thicken dye to pain with.  We also got to see some of Hollis’s Fabulous quilts up close.  WOW! If  you’d like to see some of her work check out her website.     Not the same as seeing her work in person, but still impressive.

Painting with dyes is not at all like painting with other mediums.  Colors dry different then when wet, some get brighter rather than darker when adding more pigment.  They also wash out and dry lighter.  The way you should brush it on an is very different as well.

I was way behind with my painting and worked through dinner.  Being very tired and wanting to be done, I did not feather my paint as I should have and have more hard edges then I should have.  I’m afraid that a few places where I added a second color look good now, but will wash out and not adhere to the fabric at all because the first color will have saturated the fabric.  (I know I should not mix on the fabric)

Anyway I think the wet piece  looks pretty good.  I’ll find out Thursday morning when I wash it out if it works. (crossing my fingers)  No matter what, I can always enhance it with thread.

Here’s a look at stage one:




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