Fixed It

I was really unhappy with the way my fabric dyed face turned out from Hollis Chatelains’s class.  I was having trouble seeing my drawing and just decided to wing it.  So i’ve been working on it once every few weeks and putting it away again.I used  ink intense pencils and prism colors to rework it.  I also used a bit of fabric paint mixed with medium so I could paint over the nose.  It’s not spectacular, but I’m satisfied with it and am ready to quilts.  Here is a picture of the enhanced face.  Now I’m ready for the quilting.



Day 3 Art Challenge

These are some of my art works that are not quilts.   The first is a watercolor of a blackened-susan.  The next is a graphite pencil sketch of a friends baby.  It was the first portrait I tried to do.   The third is acrylic paint on a wooden doorBlackeyedSusan

Morgan2 FishDoor

Day 2 Art Challenge

Todays pieces are new pieces.  The first is made of some of the birds from last year’s 60 day bird challenge.  They were are all made from scraps.   This piece is not quilted yet.   The second piece is a 20 by 20 postage stamp.  This piece is from the class I took with Hollis Chatelain this past fall.  The entire piece is painted with dye on cloth.  The batting and backing were added and I did extensive thread painting on the bird. Next I sketched the bark of the tree and the lichen.  The back ground was free motioned stitched.  The spanish moss was made by stitching on water solvable stabilizer  Then each piece was washed and dried and appliquéd to the quilt. . The lettering and edges were made using the satin stitch.