Fairy of Eagle Nebula

Could not decide what to do for my color challenge quilt so chose the Fairy of the Eagle Nebula to work with.  Spent most of yesterday trying to get parallel on my mac so I could reinstall Paint Shop Pro.  After several hours we got parallel up and running.  Now My PSP disk won’t load.

Here is the original NASA picture and my blue version after tweaking it so it would be in the cerulean shades I drew for the challenge.  Here is my color scale and a printed copy.

.                           205946main_eaglefairy_hst_big    eaglefairynebula_blues_edited-1   IMG_2520

Next to choose the fabrics.  I am using my original choice of 7 Kona cotton blue fabrics.  Then I chose some others to help create the cloud effects.

IMG_2523     IMG_2522

I am doing this one with french fuse.  I cut all the pieces and layer them on the french fuse and use a glue stick and regular fusible for edges or pieces that lay on top.  I’ve got my original design traced in marker and retraced on freezer paper.  The green dots represent where I will add crystals for stars/

IMG_2524    IMG_2518

The original goes under the french fuse.  I remove the finished pieces as I go.  I also cut large sections remove the freezer paper and then cut small in sets out of this piece and fuse them on top.

IMG_2525  IMG_2526   IMG_2527   IMG_2528

 I was using a foam board to pin it al up but realized I couldn’t iron on it.  So a mother delay while I made a paced ironing board from a piece of scrap wood that was 31″ by 40″.  I’ve transferred everything and am now ready to start fusing some of the pieces down.IMG_2529

Here’s my new Ironing surface.

My break is over so back to work!


Cerulean Blues

So I’m feeling a little frustrated at this point.  For some reason I altered my quilt size for the color challenge I’m a part of.  Quilts were to be 18″ by 40″.  I sewed all the back ground, got my jazz picture drawn after lots of work.  I have an original drawing copies in marker and a copy on fusible paper.  The body is layered with cotton batting  and then the edges of the blue are fuse tacked around it so it doesn’t show. I cut a some of my pieces out started fusing the face and body.  Then i started thinking about the size and decided to look it up.  Oops mine was 18″ by 30″.  Redrafting the person would mean a lot of work, plus I already drew all the pieces on fuse able web.  I also think stretching it more makes him look like Godzilla.

Long story short I now have another UFO for a latter date.  I like the buildings so much I may just quilt it as it is.

My start up image – color change and hat added. Pieced buildings – windows from my #1, #4, and #7 blues.

:sax1   jazzBG   jazzlayout

Mountains -4th and Final Quiltography Piece


Inspiration Photo

Cropped and Edited Photo for Reference

Cropped and Edited Photo for Reference


Background – Curve pieced oversized for canvas wrap finish


Freehand cut shapes for mountains – tacked in place with a glue stick.


Auditioning Trees


Starting thread painting


More thread painting


Clouds quilted and trunks of trees



Satin stitched boarder. Thought this would work, but it did not so i had to crop this off and redo the satin stitch. I used the cropped section to wrap the edges of the canvas.


Tablecloth Play House

Since the two quilt’s I’m working on for QAK stampeding challenge, I’ll show you something I whipped up today. At Christmas I made a large cardboard candy playhouse, but the roof would not stay up and it took up a large amount of space. So I uses some old upholstery fabric, lace, curtains, an old flannel table cloth and other crap materials.
Now they have a house for Hansel and Gretel.


and if I turn it around – they have a TARDIS