Another snippet and thread painted work,  this time a mockingbird.


What She Saw in the Rose Garden

Finally, I’m  getting the remake of this quilt done.   I was able to find the brown rose and the Hawaiian print  fabric on Ebay.  I was not ever able to find a fabric to replace the original background. Ended up making a 5 by 7 block stencil and using shiva paint sticks I stenciled the background.  It’s not perfect, but I like it.  I have redrafted the entire flower.  The animals a more subtle but there are 33 animals hidden in this rose.  The new side panels are ready and waiting to be appliquéd today.  I also have to move the rose to by machine and appliqué all the individual pieces to the background.  Here’s a sneak peak



Yesterday, I finished a new snippet quilt. This one was a cardinal in a pine tree. I had intended to do it in portrait in stead of landscape.  (Before thread painting the cardinal)IMG_6841

I forgot until i went to frame it. So without knowing if i could fix it I dare to cut of both ends. I zigzagged a strip of canvas at the top and bottom and covered it all with more snippets, and added snow to the pines. Then i encased the entire picture in more tool and put on a new back and requilted. IMG_6842

Finally framed and ready to deliver. I was very pleased with the result and so was the person who commissioned it.