What She Saw in the Rose Garden

Well, I decided after i got the new rose finished that the tuned edges made the appliqué too heavy to quilt through.  I will just add a false back to the rose.  I spent a few weeks redrafting yet another rose.  Unfortunately for me my diagram and drawing were all lost when my computer crashed.  I do not have a picture now to go by.RoaeA  I have to add some more light’s and darks, especially on the lower lift to make the petals pop a bit more.

RoseB Here are the added lights and darks.  Replaced some animals with different fabrics. I believe there are now 41 animals, but they are more hidden.

numbered Rose

Animal Key:

1 Challenge fabric elephant
2 deer 1
3 giraffe 1
4 kiwi
5 hedgehog
6 rooster
7 chinchilla
8 snake
9 alligator
10 tiger
11 squirrel
12 giraffe 2
13 rhino
14 camel
15 seahorse
16 kangaroo
17 penguin
18 deer 2
19 silverback gorilla
20 donkey
21 armadillo
22 lemur
23 ostrich
24 cat
25 seal
26 rabbit
27 peacock
28 hippo
29 bear
30 frog
31 lama
32 beaver
33 goat
34 wolf
35 lion
36 fox
37 swan
38 horse
39 mountain goat
40 sea turtle
41 large elephant


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