Finished with Fowl

I’ve finished all the appliqué for the fowl and have only seven more rows of fencing.  I added a bit more fabric details,  but all the rest will come from thread painting once I appliqué them to the quilt.

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Another Rooster and a Hen


img_3248_rooster2I’ve gotten the base finished for several more chickens.  I’ve decided to add a few more so instead of one, I have three left to make.

I’ve devised a good way to free motion quilt the background fence.  I’ve finished half of the quilting.


Rooster 1

I’ve finished the fabric layout for rooster 1.  My first attempt was bit chaotic and not enough lights and darks.  I pulled of the feathers, yes I plucked a rooster. Next I cut the body up and added light and dark areas back in.  Then I reattached the feathers and added a few more.  I think it looks good but the thread work will really set him off.  The first picture is the remake – the second was my starting point

365 Day Doodle Challenge

Last year AQS did a 365 day doodle challenge.  I just found it.  I made my own sheets because I wanted the words typed at the bottom of each square.  Not crazy about all their word choices but am going to try to do this.  Today was day 10 for me.  Since each sheet holds 9 pictures. I will only show day 1-9.  These are not masterpieces,  just ideas based on the word given.  I am trying to do all the designs as a continuous quilt line.  Hopefully at the end of the year I might have 20 designs that are worth using for quilting.  I probably should actually do these on fabric to practice my free-motion quilting, but don’t want too right now, just paper and pen.day1-9


I’ve finished the background for my latest quilt.  It is pieced denim.


I’ve gotten all the letters cut and french use sewn on the front so I can turn them.  I have the base of 3 of the chicken and 1 chick cut out.  This quilt is for a friend of mine’s son.





I have been cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room. I moved my ribbons so I can reach them and put them on two dowels so they are easier to replace.

I move my smaller scissors closer to the sewing table were I need them most.

I was able to clean the thread out of the score marks one the cutting table. I used a white eraser to scrub it out and some Go Green cleaner

My old cutting mat had  cracks  and a few hole in it. I  was cleaned and cut into smaller usable boards. Then reconditioned the mats by soaking in vinegar and water for 20 minutes.

My christmas storage unit was subdivided to sort my confetti fabric by color and by light, medium and dark. I used cardboard and gorilla tape to divide it. I even got a lot of fabric cut up for some new confetti quilts.