More chicks and one hen finished

I’ve finally gotten around to quilting. I was able to finish 4 more baby chicks, 2 juveniles and one frizzle hen.  My biggest setback has been breaking needles.  I also had to take out most of the hen’s stitching and redo it.  The thread was looped on the back.  Spent the day working o my machine to no avail.  Finally I tried rewinding the bobbin.  It worked.  Now I’ ready to work.








First Chick

I finished thread painting the first chick on Jack’s Happy Hens quilt.  Here is a picture of it with and without the thread painting.

WIP – Fowl up date

I decided my quilt needed some more birds. I’ve added another hen and another chick.  After I placed them I added some eggs.



Everything was taken off and rearranged quiet a few times. I photographed the arrangements so I could compare the layouts.  I’ve finally decided on one  and used diluted tacky glue to anchor the pieces to the quilted background.  This will keep everything in place and will help keep pieces from fraying. Now I am ready to start appliquéing.  I will then finish up with thread painting.