Food, Food, Glorious Food Challenge

I have finished my quilt for the QAK 2017 challenge. They will be exhibited at the Berea Arts Council in July. My quilt is entitled “De Colores” Here is a sneak peak of a couple of close ups.



Right now I am in the process of quilting two pieces.  The first is for the QAK (Quilt Artists of Kentucky) annual show.  The second is one I started many years ago.  The short version of that story is that I messed up the quilting and had to cut it all apart, made a new rose but could not find the background fabric. Finally after two years I made a stencil and  created the background with shiva paint sticks.  Because of all the layers and turned edges this rose was two thick to quilt through.  My computer crashed and I ended up redesigning it and added a lot more animals.  Finally found the right fabric for the back and am working on quilting.  Here is a picture of the finished top. Pardon the messy shot, my design wall is not big enough for the quilt.

IMG_8773Here is a close up of a few quilted animals.



Food, Food, Glorious Food Challenge

I cannot show this quilt yet.  I can tell you I photographed a lot of fruits and vegetables.  I used directional lights and got really nice surrealistic looking picture.  I then combined a few parts of photos in photoshop elements for my final photo.  I am really excited about how the food pieces are turning out.

After my photoshoot, I murdered my subjects and made a pepper soup, cabbage and kielbasa soup, and a purple coleslaw. (Purple coleslaw just does not have the same appeal even though the taste is the same.)