Bluebirds and Titmice

IMG_8330Yesterday I finished nine new confetti backgrounds for birds.  Last night I cut out some Eastern bluebirds and tufted titmice.  Although I started cutting the three titmice from the same pattern, Today I laid them out and  cut some of the pieces apart and change them around and added bits of color.  I did the same thing with my three bluebirds. To give them each more distinction I placed them on different colored backgrounds and added seasonal elements.  Right now I’m taking a break to think about how I want to thread paint them and catch up on a bit of house work.  Here is a group picture and some individual shots of my newest birds.  I can’t wait to see them take on life and personality when I add the thread painting.

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A Week Off

After our 3 day participation at the Oktoberfest I took most of the week off from quilting.  We had very good sales and a lot of interest in my pet portraits and glass art.  My husband and I also got to me a lot of interesting people.  Below are some pictures  of my booth.

Anyway my week off has not been unproductive. I’ve done house cleaning, laundry, and pet cages. I reframed my work that is at Practically Perfect and re delivered it.  I sorted most of my show stuff.  Tomorrow I will sew velcro to my tent so I can hang a banner out side.  Today I traded work with my sister. She finished wiring my old singer and I made a website and business cards for her.

Birch Trees

IMG_8050.JPGThis is the finished version of the first birch trees.  It has a confetti back ground and raw edge appliqué.  The birch tree is made of small pieces of fabric glue basted and then thread painted.  First Ill show the back which I kind of like and then the framed piece


Birch Trees – WIP

I was really inspired by some birch tree painting at one of the galleries in Cleveland.  The next day I photographed a bunch of birch trees including close ups of the bark. Wednesday I found two long Narrow frames at Salvation Army.  I removed the pictures and measured for my next two quilts.  Birch trees of course.  The first one has autumn leaves in the foreground.  The second one is going to have blue and teal background.  These are of course confetti quilts … again.   I am more than half way through with the thread painting and will post when finished and framed. Here is a picture of the first one without any of the thread painting.  Bear in mind it is not cropped in either.