Making an Impact

As a quilter I empty many spools and hate the waste of plastic spools. I wish more companies would do this.


Can Aurifil spools be recycled? Is there something that can be done to reduce your plastic production? How can we reuse our spools to prevent excess waste? Would it be possible to start using recycled plastic for your spools?

These are all questions that we regularly receive from our customers and are questions that we routinely ask ourselves. Finding the answers is not only important to us, it’s a passion. Today’s big news is our first step… it is our way to start tackling the issue of plastic waste.

As one of the leading manufacturers of 100% Cotton thread, we produce millions of yards of thread a year, used by quilters, sewists, and crafters to create quilts, garments, accessories, and other works of art. As most weights of Aurifil thread are wound on a plastic spool, this usage results in a high level of excess plastic. While we encourage traditional…

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Westie – Almost Finished

Was doing the final quilting on the Westie and ran out of thread last week.  Still waiting for it to get in.  Here is a preview of the  progress.  All the peopling needs to be finished.  It goes in all the open spaces between the lines and curves.


Westie – thread work

I completed most of the thread work on the west.   As happens sometimes, after the thread is laid in I am not satisfied with the background color.  I also wanted to change the dog’s face shape.

  • IMG_8862 copy
    The mint confetti was cut away and a light brown batik was layered on batting and the dog was free motion stitched to the new background. It is a bit of a challenge to get it to lay flat.  Lots of extra thread work and it shaped up great.  Now to add the background for the rest of the quilt.  The  client chose from several mock -ups, so the background will be a lovely dark brown.












I’ve been working on sketching a westie  from several photos.  After getting a sketch the client was happy with I started laying out the base of the quilt.


I am using the confetti technique for the background immediately behind the dog.   Then he will be bordered with 2 black boarders with gold between.  I have not decided on the outer fabric.  I usually do this when the face is almost complete.

I am using some new techniques for this dog.  The first change is to do most of the thread painting before I appliqué it to the quilt.  The second is that I am using a single layer of french fuse behind the dog to stabilize it.  This is working good, but there is more draw up then I am use to.  I would recommend using a hoop although, I never do.  I like how well the stitches lay on the french fuse.  Lastly, I am touching some fluffed up car to add dimension and softness.

Here are a few shots of the first bit of thread painting.  He will eventually be a white dog.  Just doing all the under colors first.

Autumn Birch Trees

Finished this piece about two weeks ago but have been to busy cleaning to post.

I bound this one with a fused  quilt binding and then put it in a frame with glass.


I like the look of the back as well. Kind of gives you an idea of the amount of thread I use.



Here is one of the three bluebirds that I am working on.  The other two will not get finished this week.  Too many other things to catch up on.  

Sneak peek of new birch tree’s I’m working on.  Still a long way to go on this one.