Women of Bible Quilt

Women of the Bible

Women of the Bible was one of 16 of my Art quilts  exhibited at the Danville Community Arts Center the month of January 2009.

This quilt was started in October 2007 and finished in December. It is approximately 7ft in height and 14ft wide when chained together. Each quilt has a poem in 5-7-5 syllable format and the biblical character’s name can be found somewhere in the quilt. Many of the fabrics are my hand dyed such as the main fabric for Bath-Sheba, the stain glass window in Anna, and the demons in Mary Magdalene.

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 To view close ups and the poem for individual quilts click the name below:

Eve        Pharaoh’s Daughter          Miriam         Lot’s Wife         Ester          Cozbi          Rahab         Bath-sheba            Anna           Mary        Martha           Lydia

6 thoughts on “Women of Bible Quilt

  1. Wonderful project. I like the way you have done individual small quilts, and then chained them into a group. Just like all women who are before us, Mother, Grand mothers all generations gone before, we are chained together. Your work is exciting to me. Rene Orgeron


  2. Rene,
    Thanks for dropping by! Yes this work was to represents some of the women of the Bible and also how our lives, even if ordinary influence or effect others.


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  4. I really have enjoyed touring your “sight” Delores.
    Met you today looking at The Trail of Tears.
    Don’t forget to read The Educatioin of Little Tree 🙂


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