Finished Bluejay

DF3bluejayIMG_4042.jpgI like this one, but think I need to lengthen the beak slightly and slim it just a bit.  Not sure, it would be a lot of work.


Bluejay fused

Here is a picture of all the little pieces of my bluejay fused to the confetti background.  Now I’m ready to start thread painting and then I will finish off by adding some berries and leaves.



Starting on my QAK Glorious Food Challenge but I can’t share it.  Not to worry I always have more than one iron in the fire.


Drew a new bluejay and am starting another bird confetti quilt.  The background is basted and here is a picture of all the tiny pieces I will cut and fuse for the base of the bluejay.  Once the base is done I will layer it and thread paint the bird very heavily.


STD_6579So the quilt really is straight, promise.  My design wall is buried in projects so I had to photograph this from the floor.  I stood on a stool and held the camera overhead to get it all.  Will have to figure something else out.


Roosters and Chickens


img_3804I am making progress on Jack’s quilt.  All the little chicks are finished.

I removed all the egg since I did not like them with tulle.  I made two of each egg and sewed them together. Then I slit the back and turned it and added a piece of batting.  Finally, I reattached them with a blind hem stitch.  I finished sewing around all the feathers on the second white hen.

Then I worked on the rooster Jack call’s Chicken Man.  That’s the one pictured at the top of this entry.  The last one was this beautiful brown hen.  Just one rooster left to quilt.